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September 19, 2007

I’ve been so pouty lately, focusing on the things I don’t like like the lingering taste of aspartame and my inability to control my sex drive (seriously, it shouldn’t be so hard!). But you know, that’s not like me. There’s so much that I DO like about my life right now. That Mike’s updating his lj again and it’s so much fun to read, and that I’ve started reading Adam’s blog again (even though I haven’t had much to say I AM reading again.) SoCal weather is hard to argue with, even if it’s been chilly. I have the two most wonderful guinea pigs in the world. I have some amazing friends back east who I miss so much, and friends out here who are fun and engaging, and a couple who just might end up awesome too. I’m at a great school studying the subject I love. My foot may still ache, but at least I didn’t break the dang thing, and I’ll be able to run again soon, and hey, I can still bike. I’ve got a great computer with a fantastic music collection. My sheets are the perfect color of purple, and the quilts on my bed are wonderful and make me think of my mom. I got a fellowship the other day, which is really cool even though I feel guilty because I didn’t earn it. It looks like I didn’t get Allison’s cold after all – I’m just cold. Jordan manages to debate religion with almost as much logic as Yin but without pissing me off. Yin manages to forget to call me and still not piss me off. (Maybe I should’ve bought that book off of you – it wasn’t very cheap online and I don’t know when I need it because it’s one of two books for the class…but too late now.) The new boy was totally flirting with me today. The LGBT office opens soon so maybe FINALLY I’ll meet some queers!
Anyway that’s enough happy thoughts because I just got distracted by the idea of stalking said new boy on facebook. Gotta run!

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  1. September 20, 2007 3:50 am

    When the lgbt office opens, get a pin.
    The HRC pins, stickers, pens, whatever, are a flag for gay. :-D You can be an ally, but really, when people see the symbol they think gay.
    And I’m glad to see you appreciate my updates. :-D
    I forgot how much I had to say. :)
    Myspace kinda numbs your brain… :(

  2. September 20, 2007 3:51 am

    That came out wrong.
    I should have said “One can be an ally, but really, when people see the symbol they think gay”

  3. September 20, 2007 11:21 am

    Yay! I’m glad there are so many good things in your life.
    I’m getting too busy to concentrate on suckyness/happiness of life, so it is sort of a toss up of what I’m feeling whenever a break hits.
    Yay queers!
    (I’m not out here yet…I mean, I’ve dropped several obvious bombshells, but the thing is, most people would sort of have to know what asexual means to pick those up…
    And I’m still debating on how out I want to be here. I thought it might be fine to not be out to anyone, in an effort to not have some people thing I’m weird and not understanding of how life works, or what not. Eh…I don’t know. Gray-A isn’t a good place to be for “coming out”. But unfortunately, it is not easy not to be.
    So…despite my intentions, I know I’ll have to come out to some people soon. Even if it is just one or two. Otherwise, I’ll go nuts. The more and more I get shoved into the world, the more and more I realize how DIFFERENT I am from it! (And how frickin’ obnoxious boxes are) (At least everyone knows I have a boyfriend, so they don’t ask me about “hot” people too often, or try to set me up with anyone…)
    Awwww I miss you Marie! I miss being crazy out of the box with someone!!!

  4. September 20, 2007 3:29 pm

    Marie! Good to know some good things are happening over there in SoCal. You must tell me more about new boy!
    And I saw this on cuteoverload. It’s a guinea pig, so naturally I thought of you ;)
    The best part: the pig’s name is Heisenberg! That’s kind of awesome.

  5. September 21, 2007 2:35 am

    Yeah I’ve realized that not being out would lead to panic attacks…because I can feel one coming whenever I’m around too many people who don’t know I’m bi. Then there’s the gender issues which gets REALLY awkward because everyone’s straight and most are a normal amount of narrow…so they just don’t get it. But yeah I’m glad that I’m out to enough people that large gatherings tend to have someone else mentioning it before I do. Good luck with your coming out-ness…do tell people. To spread the word, and to let everyone know that you’re you and not afraid to be so.
    I miss you too! We need to talk! Or maybe a long email…last weekend was crazy and I think maybe just writing it down to you would really help. It was…yeah. I’ll call you this weekend if I don’t write you soon.

  6. September 21, 2007 2:35 am

    OMW that’s so cute! Hehe the new boy is nothing, just a cute organic boy who pesters me in a is-that-flirting sort of manner. But he’s cute. :-)

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