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Had to share

September 17, 2007

I’m on this forum right now, reading about this stupid anti-queer protest on a college. This anecdote was offered as a way to fight back:
Last time I saw a group like that we went back to our dorm rooms and put together our own signs with the most ridiculus bible verses we could find – stuff about not eating fruit off young trees etc then we went back out and stood next to them. It was a lot of fun actually, I don’t think I’ve ever protested against handicapped people going to church Duet 23:2 ditto guys who have a ball that ain’t dropped Duet 23:1. They tried to edge away but we kept sidling up next them, pointing out that we only wanted what they wanted – a total and literal interpretation of the Book of God to be pasted on everything we do, and so they should sell us their daughters – Exodus 21. They left after an hour so, didn’t come back. Bummer.

The other good suggestion was the whole “For every hour they talk have people donate money” one. And the phrase “Phelps and the Whelps”.

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