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September 11, 2007

I love Michigan.  I just want to share this with everyone.  I’m going to go back to California on Thursday and tell everyone there about how amazing Michigan is.  I’m so glad I managed to get home this week – thanks Dad.

One of my favorite parts of Michigan has got to be the drive to Ann Arbor, up Ridge Hwy.  Every time I’ve driven up this road it’s been something special.  There were the few trips to A2 before college, when I was entrusted to drive Adam too and from school all on my own.  Then that nerve-wracking trip up to move in.  All the trips during the school year which meant returning to friends and freedom from a house that often was stifling.  Those first two summers where I lived at home, I discovered just how far south I could see campus buildings.  (My record is from just south of the airport on Moon.)  I felt so trapped and alone, and so I’d spend the last third of that drive staring at the horizon trying to see the freedom that was campus as soon as possible.  There were trips through Ann Arbor, to pick up Yin en route to Katie’s for parties.  And finally this last year, when I had my own car again and drove home for simple things like a random dinner on the weekend, but I could get myself back to my life in my own time.
Then there was today, and it was like returning home.  I think the key phrase is one line up, “back to my life”.  I found the ideal life in A2, and damn was it hard to leave.  I’m waiting for California to feel that way.  I mean, it’s still a bunch of awesome dorks with neat classes on a college campus, so what’s not to love?  There’s the ocean, which sorta makes up for the grossness that is LA.  I don’t know if it’ll happen though.  There’s something really amazing about A2 and Michigan.  It’s perfect for me.  Not everyone, this I’m sure of, but for me this is the place I want to live.  California is just a vacation, albeit a five year one.  When I graduate, I’m going home to maple trees and cornfields.  I wonder if I’ll find a life in California the way I found one in Ann Arbor.  I wonder if I’ll leave a part of myself there, so that when I come back it feels like returning to myself.  I just don’t see that happening.  Going back to campus today was like that though, as if I was coming back again to where I was.

Maybe I should have career goals afterall.  Maybe I should start planning on being awesome, so that I can work at U of M someday.

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  1. September 12, 2007 4:29 am

    *deep breath*
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!!! You are now of legal marriageable age in the Philippines.
    *sends love, virtual cake*

  2. September 12, 2007 9:46 pm

    Happy Birthday Marie!
    Happy Birthday!

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