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July 27, 2007

Thank goodness for unexpected close friends.

Last night was a good time, though hopefully not exemplary of my future grad school work ethic. I took care of stuff around my place until eight, when I went over to Megan Js for the weekly dinner. A bunch of people were there, sorta pretending to work on the homework assignment for the night while eating dinner and having a beer. Another beer later we were outside playing frisbee in the dark. Another beer later, we were inside, and everyone else was finishing the homework assignment. I had no desire to do it (honestly, it’s gen chem, so very boring) so I sat around and talked. Good times, though now I haven’t finished the homework assignment.

I read T. S. Eliot yesterday during the SEM lecture (it’s that boring) and it makes me want to write a poem. Maybe I can find enough peace this weekend to write. I had an idea yesterday, but there were too many people around. In other news, I voluntarily switched training days to one of the two most stupid. We’ve got three training blocks in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy…think awesome images of fly eyes), two of which are during class and one which is 5-7 sometime over the next week. I had drawn a Tuesday 5-7, but Chris asked me to switch because he had something going on tonight when he was supposed to be going. Now I’m voluntarily going to be in class from eight am to seven pm on a Friday. Oi.

Anyway I’m supposed to be getting ready for class.

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