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grad school

July 20, 2007

Well I’m two weeks of class in and I have a theory. How grad school is different from undergrad.
It’s hard. There will be things you don’t know. Gigantically huge chunks of knowledge which you missed or forgot. But there is a whole classroom full of dorks, and all of you will be lost at some point during the class. The way to do well is to get together and do group reviews, with those who are stronger on each topic helping those who are stupiderer. So yes. Group electronics review on Sunday. My friend Jordan has a white board in place of a TV in his living room. That’s a good place to have dorks gather.

Something came up today that I noticed several time throughout undergrad. Dorks who want to look less dorky by bashing other dorks. As if by saying “well I like X dorky topic but at least I don’t like Y” you look somehow more normal. No. That does make you more normal, in that it makes you an ass, but otherwise not so much. You’re still a dork, but now you’re a mean dork. This is why I take the (surprisingly controversial) position of owning my oddities, and enjoying being out of the mainstream. I want to be proud of who I am; I am never going to fit in well with normal people. I don’t want to fall into this mindset which looks to me like self-hatred. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but dorks who tease other dorks just look like they’re trying desperately to draw attention away from their own nature. Or maybe they don’t know who they are. Either way, I don’t want to be that person. This is me: I’m a dork. Or geek or nerd or what have you. And people who embrace their oddities without shame make me happy.

Anyway. The REAL important news: HARRY POTTER SEVEN COMES OUT TONIGHT! In SIX hours here on the west coast people will begin reading it! I CAN’T WAIT even though it means I prolly won’t sleep tonight. !!!!!!!!! :-D

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