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July 16, 2007

Katie, I’d like you to know that I made brownies tonight. As soon as I started licking the batter all I could think of was you. *laughs* Too bad there’s no one here to share it with…muahahahaha it’s all for me!

It’s amazing the judgments we all make. The past few days have shown me just how willing everyone is to decide about a person based on facets of their personalities which may have nothing to do with anything. I’ve heard religious bigotry, both mild and major, slander against women and queers, and interesting racial stereotypes, as well as smaller things like judging a person based on where they’re from or how academic they are. I’ve by no means been innocent, though I do hope that I’ve at least managed to land more often in the mild categories than the major ones. It’s interesting to make new friends.
It’s weird to say that. I definitely have new friends here, but at the same time, they don’t know me at all. There are some people here I could really see myself getting close to, but at the same time the people I’m close to are a few thousand miles away. That dichotomy got me in quite a funk earlier. *laughs* To be honest, I was just plain and simple homesick. I’ve been busy enough to avoid it for the most part, but today I cuddled up with Pete and Amy and gave myself a half hour to miss familiar things. I’m sure I can learn to love this place a lot, but it’ll never be Michigan.

Tonight’s ended well though. Jordan came over and played “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on my keyboard, and then we played with all the rhythms and fun tones it can generate. It was such a relief to have social contact that wasn’t a large group. It was just comfortable and laid back, without the stress to keep track of everything that’s been making me frazzled for the last week. Now I have quiet music on, I’m making brownies, and the pigs are playing in the next room. Despite the crap that was most of the day, today is indeed ending well. *laughs* I even have some homework to do before I can get to bed – THAT feels like home.

Btw, have any ChaMP students run across this yet? Leave a comment, just because I like to have an idea of who reads my lj.

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