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July 11, 2007

I was going to the midnight, then I wasn’t, then I was, then I wasn’t. Decided that a long bike ride alone along streets I’d never been on in the middle of the night to get to and from the show wasn’t a good idea. Then Chris (MSU physics dork) IMs me saying he wants to go. Over the course of an hour and a half while I’m on the phone with two friends discussing their relationship problems we end up tracking down tickets, and a ride: Megan (chem dork from Ohio), who also came. (Meanwhile, I played with the guinea pigs, took care of a bunch of stuff online, and got my room in order, after having called to cancel my old landline and gone grocery shopping. This was supposed to be a quiet evening!)
But then the movie! Not as good as I’d hoped, but I did come in with crazy high expectations. Very good though. Ron got smacked. Fred and George are indeed the loves of my life. Luna Lovegood is just amazing, though Chris is smoking something thinking that she’ll get with Harry. They cut some stuff I wanted, and changed some things unnecessarily, but that’s to be expected. I do miss the music though. Anyone know why it was gone? All in all, a good time, though. I’ll prolly see it again if I can find the time and a ride.

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