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Lessons learned

June 22, 2007

You’ve heard it a thousand times. I’ll say it again. Always do it. Whatever it is that you want to do that you’re afraid of, do it. Even the things that you’re not good at. Take chances. It doesn’t hurt that much to fail, and the cost of regret is too much.
I think that’s the greatest lesson I learned in college. I learned to let go and feel what I was feeling. I sank into this place, my subject, my friends, everything, and I let it be enough. It’s so damned hard some days for things to be enough, but if you do what you want it’s just that much easier. I’ve got some regrets, sure. I regret that I didn’t study harder sophomore year. I regret that I didn’t tell people that I liked them and some that I hated them. I don’t regret the chances I took. Even the one that burned me the most, the one that I’m still feeling months later, I don’t regret that. I don’t regret applying to schools so far out of my league I’m surprised they bothered with the rejection letter, because I got in to some of those schools. I don’t regret making the friends I did, or letting myself be as close to them as I did. I don’t regret ever climbing that maple tree out on the diag to sit up there and listen for God.
This is a pale attempt to say what I want to say. This moment feels like this music, which unfortunately you’re not hearing. Listen to the four instrumental tracks on the “City of Angels” soundtrack.

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