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silent day

June 17, 2007

I think I spoke more words today to rodents than to people.
Katie left today. I’d like to state my official position that this sucks. A lot.
I was surprisingly happy today, though. I thought I’d spend the whole day really down. That stopped around noon when I finally managed to get back to sleep (the pigs kept me company in bed for a few hours after I dropped Katie off.). Spent the afternoon being a complete bump on a log, then dragged my tail out of bed (literally as I’ve got my compy pulled around so that I can use it from bed) to go wander campus. Bought dinner, came home, played with all seven rodents. Then I had myself a drink and figured out Alica’s dvd player. Duuude that’s fun: I ripped and burned three dvds tonight, with many more to come in the next week.
I can’t believe I leave for California in just over a week. This would be part of the Katie being gone sucking thing. The whole idea is just terrifying. But I’m thinking less depressing thoughts tonight. So exciting. Road trip, beach, cool classes, new people. Omw.
Anyway bed.

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