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grossness in energy

June 6, 2007

Mmm so the coal companies have a new plan to look green (I know, THAT’s comedy). There’s a bill going through congress right now to put all sorts of regulations which basically forces coal to liquid technology to become competitive with gasoline as a fuel source. All sorts of subsidies and things are attached in this bill. Now, it sounds like a great idea at first. If they can clean up the process, then it’s about as bad environmentally as gas, but without the middle east oil dependence, so that we can control the prices.
But that’s a big if.
No one knows if this technology CAN be cleaned up (the goal is to pump excess CO2 created into the ground…) on a large scale. Otherwise estimates place it at about twice as bad as gasoline for greenhouse gas emissions. While this bill contains a whole pile of regulations like requiring the military to purchase certain amounts each year, it does not contain a stipulation requiring the new plants to be clean. It has tax incentives, but no requirements. Here’s the LA Times article:,0,7769228,full.story?coll=la-home-center
Move On (yes the crazy people) has a petition here:
The petition is to Congress urging them not to vote for the bill. While I’m all for not depending on the middle east seeing as how it screws with our politics, the more we force ourselves to look for actual CLEAN energy the more likely we are to find it, and in the mean time learn some moderation in our energy consumption.
Btw, next time you buy a light bulb, get one of the new fluorescent kind. It’ll save you more than the price difference in electricity usage. It’s probably the easiest way to go green.
Anyway enough of me telling you what to do; back to work.

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