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happy thoughts

June 5, 2007

Happy thoughts this morning, to avoid another whine.
I saw the smallest Asian girl ever walking to work just now. It was like someone had taken your typical short Asian girl and scaled her back by a quarter. OMW small.
Got an email from Shane this morning, my moving buddy to California. (Am I cool enough to say Cali? Yeah okay no.) We’re starting to play things which is like :-). I’m so excited for this road trip!
Was home sick yesterday (yes this is a happy thought) which wasn’t fun for my tummy but was fun because I slept late and then spent all day on the couch, watching the Pride and Prejudice miniseries. Alica and I have decided that my guinea pigs are Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingly. There’s the dark haired one who’s grouchy but has his moments of being adorable, and the light-haired one who’s really excited and personable and has funny hair.
I got to use my awesome new umbrella (which I almost lost at the zoo Friday – oh no!) today on the walk to work, even though I didn’t really need it.
Happy intimidating thought: all of my siblings will be home this weekend! God help Adrian, there’ll be six van Staveren’s in town again, for about a day. Adam’s coming up for a wedding, so Mom and Dad ordered the rest of us home. On Saturday Mom and I are going bald eagle hunting (:-D) and then on Sunday Adam’ll be home and craziness will ensue. My boss may or may not be out of the country on Monday but I’m not working…won’t be home ’til Monday night sometime.
Anyway that’s the happy thoughts for now. I’m gonna go debate what to procrastinate. I have a mental block against emailing in a timely manner, but if I email Shane now then I get to not work for a few more minutes.

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