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Adam is my hero

May 28, 2007

I may have said this already, but I’ve been going back through Adam’s blog posts trying to catch up on the ones I’ve missed, and found a beautiful entry from February 1st which you all should watch. I’m not intelligent enough to figure out how to link to just that entry, so here’s the whole month, and it’s all the way down at the bottom:
I also enjoyed the video from the 4th, though I got bored of the Dawkins video two minutes in and moved on. I had a question for you (Adam) and something else for you (the general public) but I’ve forgotten them both.
I’d like to post a memo to all random Adrian people (or anyone else who cares): I’m leaving the state in about a month, and fuck knows when I’ll be able to see you again, so send me an email or something if you want to hang out at some point.
In other news. I have big thoughts wandering my head. I was hoping to find the spirit to write some poetry again this summer, for the first time in a year or something absurd like that. Haven’t gotten that motivated, but I have mentally composed several entries for here which actually have content AND my own opinions. Hopefully I’ll manage to type of some of them soon. Some one smack me and make me write about the sunset on the drive home Friday night.

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  1. May 29, 2007 11:31 am

    I will be in Ann Arbor as of June 18th. We need to do some mad hanging out (and before Callie goes to Ireland too).

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