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rodents and elements

May 24, 2007

(tried posting this last night but my internet crapped out in the writing of this sterling piece of work. As an update before the post, my periodic table fell on me like three times last night)

My periodic table keeps falling down. I think it’s the heat, because I just replaced the duct tape. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a giant wall sized poster which my mom ganked out of the bowels of my old elementary school and it hangs over my bed. This means that I keep waking up covered in elements. This may explain my odd fascination with the subject…
It was a rodent filled day. Spent more time than usual with Katie’s mouse, my guinea pigs, and Katie’s rats. Leonardo the rat ate lunch with me and watched MASH. Fascinating times.
Anyway yet again this strange exhaustion has set in and I should get to be.d

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