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summing it up

May 3, 2007

It’s funny, reading Katie’s entry on school and summing up this past year.  (Bloglines really dropped the ball on that one and got it to me two days late)  It’s not time to do that.  This summer is going to be so weird, and one of the weird things is that this phase is not the end.  Graduation didn’t change anything, I’ve realized, except that I get to check “Bachelors” rather than “some college” on forms.  The same people are still here, and we’re doing most of the same types of work.  No classes, sure, but I did this research last sumer too.  I’ve realized that, while I’m sure I will write lots of nostalgia about the last year and the last four years, it’s not time yet.  We’ve still got memories to make, and I can’t separate them from what’s happened before.  I’ll prolly write it down near the end of June, when Katie and Yin have both left and things actually feel different.  Maybe I’ll end up waiting ’til I get to California.  But things haven’t changed enough, which is odd because we GRADUATED, for me to feel the need to get nostalgic.  Not yet.
*Laughs* Then again, this could just be a defense mechanism against thoughts which I know will be hard to have anyway.

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