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greetings from Illinois

March 30, 2007

Hello all!  Greetings from UIUC, a school I don’t think I’ll be attending.
I feel sorta bad.  I looked out the window as the plane came in for landing and saw a landscape that was flatter and more boring than the Adrian/Ann Arbor area, and I thought to myself “Well, I don’t want to go to a place this boring.”  The first impression has held out.  Downtown/campus area is just like A2…if you take out the rampant liberalism and big city feel that gives Ann Arbor it’s life and then dump a ton of metaphorical and literal dirt on it.  I mean, it’s nice and all.  Just like a hundred other mid-sized midwestern towns.  That’s it’s problem.  There’s nothing special here.  It’s obvious that the University is the only thing giving Champ-Urbana life.  Lets face it, Ann Arbor has something of it’s own.  It may be crazy obsessive liberalism, but it’s more than just the University, as much as we love ourselves.  It’s weird, too, to finally understand just how different A2 is.  I didn’t get it until I came here.  Champ-Urbana is very much a mirror of Ann Arbor.  About the same size (I’ve heard anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 people, which is a large range for people to get confused about), with a major public research university situated in the middle.  The facts proclaim the two cities to be very similar, but let me tell you, it’s only on the surface.  This campus feels quieter than MSU, and town feels as small as Adrian.  It’s nice.  When I’m thirty and looking for a place to settle down and start a family, I’ll definitely think of coming here.  Right now, though, I’m twenty-one and looking to explore the world and have a bit of an adventure before I’m ready to be grown up and sensible.  I’ll probably have a panic attack for the first two months I’m there, but I really think Irvine will be much more fun, in the end.
We’ll see.  There’s still three faculty meetings tomorrow, and they’re going to feed me twice more before I leave.  Hrm not sure what I’m doing for dinner tomorrow night…guess it’s good that I’ve been hording snacks.  Maybe they’ll convince me.  I’m doubting it too.  This is too much the B-rated version of the school I’ve been at.  The same thing in the mirror, ‘cept the mirror is dirty.

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