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March 6, 2007

Pardon my rant.  I have other, more worthy thoughts, but they’ll have to wait.
It’s my last semester.  You’re supposed to slack off, take it easy, have a good time.  Did I manage to plan well enough for that?  No.  Most of my friends are taking really light course loads, spending large amounts of time watching movies and whatnot.  What am I doing (besides wasting time writing this stupid entry)?  Working my tail off.  Ten to twelve hours of lab work a week, and that’s outside of the twelve hours of lab time.  Just when that starts winding down, my grad class is starting to have crazy hard homework assignments due.  I’m already barely having enough time to study the notes in that class to get some semblance of understanding of the material.  Meanwhile, I’ve got more research to do every week, as I try to rush to get my project done by graduation.  Then there’s my therochem course.  I just got my midterm grade back.  Suddenly I’m getting nervous about my grade, or rather my ability to pass this class.  Oh and my guinea pig may have an infection which could be really dangerous and cost a crapload, my computer is broken, I haven’t managed to practice in almost a year for orchestra, and all of my professors are deciding that this week is a good week to add on extra assignments when I have to leave Thursday night to tour a grad school.  And then there’s the things I can’t type here because it’s not polite.
I want to scream.

P.S.  I’ll get over it.  I know I will.  By the time I make it home I’ll prolly be excited and happy again.

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