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waking up

February 21, 2007

I haven’t been awake since Monday night, and it’s Wednesday afternoon.  It’s been an interesting stretch here, where I’ve attended classes, worked, and even driven, all while not really managing to feel conscious.
But I’m waking up now.
Guess why?
U of Illinois is why.
:-D They accepted me today.  And once again I’m getting all excited about a new set of prospective research topics.  Who wouldn’t want to research “chemical origin of life, and the possible role of molecular imprints in polymers. Characterization of the imprints left by molecules in solids, and their catalytic activity.” with Prof. Lauterbur, or ” astrochemistry, and the study of molecular structure and intramolecular dynamics using high-resolution spectroscopy” with Prof. McCall, or something simpler like ” theoretical quantum dynamics of large molecules and condensed phase systems, with applications to relaxation, charge transfer reactions, and quantum control of nanostructures” with Prof. Makri?  Yes I know, most people.  But they all sound really exciting to me.  Duuuuuude space.  Or the beginning of life.  Or just plan old math.  I’m so very excited.
It’s good that I’m waking up, too, considering that I have an exam in twenty minutes which I’m very much unprepared for.  But it’s okay.  I’m into another kickass grad school.

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