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September 1, 2006

Escapade (Welcome Week activity full of free stuff and freshmen) was tonight, so of course a group of us seniors (O.O I’m a senior again!) headed out. We got “University Unions: almost as good as YOUR MOM” t-shirts, which was fantastic. Then off to Artscapade outside where there were shiny magnetic lights on the cube. We filled our “passports” with all seven stamps for activities that included legos, and got fun free stuff including glow sticks. THEN for a lark we stopped by the mechanical bull-riding competition. Right before we came back with food someone got 48 seconds, though most people were off by 15. By halfway through Darren had decided he had a chance at top ten, which earned a t-shirt, and signed up. He get’s on and makes 20 seconds, which is pretty impressive. Then Katie decides she wants to try, even though her legs are short and we figure that’s a big disadvantage, and she manages 18 seconds. Then eventually I get bullied into it, and even with my total lack of upper body strength I manage to tie Katie at 18. The competition winds down and we’re mentally tallying times. We figure Darren must have made top ten, but there were a lot of 18 and 19s we thought, so we didn’t think Katie or I got anything. At the end the whole lot of us went up to the table to see about Darren’s prize, and Katie asks where her 18 seconds placed. “A four way tie at 18 seconds means we have 11 prizes”. O.O We ask for clairifacation, not believing that we made it. Sure enough, we tied for seventh place, and Darren made a wonderful 5th. I PLACED IN A BULL-RIDING COMPEITITION! There were at least fifty people in this, mind you. I’m still in disbelief that the three of us placed. It was quite wonderful, even though my thighs hurt and I killed my knee as I flew off. This is something I need to try again…

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