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water bottle

August 15, 2006

My new favorite water bottle that I got from vacation may not be so favorite afterall. I like it ’cause it’s clear and has a wide spout. The problem? There’s this cute little logo of a bike that’s got the letter C in place of wheels, for Cherry Capital Cycling Club. The bike is next to a lake (at least I’d assume so) so it’s reflected upside down. ‘Cept the letters. The C’s are obviously translated down, while the shape of the bike is reflected. Ugh.
In other news my prof is now giving me contradictory orders for my research. First he says find angles for the data with bvs > 3 (don’t worry about what bvs means…long story). I send him prelim results and he says that really we want to analyze those with bvs < 1.5. Ugh. Well I've got the other data for future reference, when he remembers he wants that data also.
Haha look at me ljing at work.

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