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August 13, 2006

I was riding my bike through a new upscale neighborhood and I decided I never want to be rich. I’d never fit in there.
The sunset tonight, though, was breathtaking. I stopped on the Newport overpass over 94 and watched it while encouraging truckdrivers to honk at me. I like truck drivers. Maybe if grad school doesn’t work out I’ll do that.
Oh the irony: I’m in the “We suck at physics” facebook group and yet I’m researching grad programs in pchem and chemical physics.
What am I thinking? I can’t go to grad school. There’s no way I’m smart enough for that. AHHHhhhHHHHhh *runs around in circles pulling out hair* I so can’t deal with the stress of the though of applying. Where’s someone else to freak out with?! *deep breath* U of M pchem doesn’t even get ranked by US News and World Report, so thus far I’ve been looking at schools that are a step up from our program (haha though I haven’t even gotten to the top three on the list) for the most part, so not everyone is this intimidating, right?
In other news, I think I should be taking more physics. Watch out now, I just may end up registering for 340. Why oh why did I decide pchem is cooler than other chem?
Interesting fact on sugar content. Take the following three cereals: Raisin bran, apple jacks, and Pirates of the Caribbean (think Count Chocula only different shapes on the marshmallows). Which has the most sugar? Pirates, right? WRONG. It’s not apple jacks either. Raisin bran has 19g/serving, apple jacks is better with 16g/serving, and Pirates manages to be the least hyper, despite it’s chocolate flavored pieces and marshmallows with 15g of sugar per serving.
Anyway I need to sleep, so I’ll stop rambling.

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  1. August 17, 2006 7:23 pm

    All the more reason that everyone knows pirates are teh coolest. Raisin Bran .. boring AND bad for you.
    I have to take PChem both semesters this year. I may not survive.

  2. August 17, 2006 9:50 pm

    But pchem is the bestest! Well okay the spectroscopy/quantum half…the other half is more questionable…
    As I’m (hopefully) heading to grad school in pchem email me with any questions you have and I’ll (hopefully) be able to answer them.

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