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five am, sunrise

July 16, 2006

I finally pull out of his driveway, looking at my watch to see that it’s five seventeen in the morning. The headlight on my bike illuminates the dark road as I turn onto the road and start the trek home. There are thoughts in my head I’m not sure I want to think. Things about this night and things unrelated, but as I notice the lightened shade of the sky to my right I let these thoughts out of their boxes to wander a bit. I ride silently, trying to keep my attention on the road while a partof my brain asks how many cars there are really going to be at this time of day. As I ride up the road I see a few other people who, like me, are late coming home. It’s humid, but cool, and the air sits heavily around us. I think ahead to my guinea pigs and my warm (soft) bed, and contemplate riding faster, but it is five am and the vodka probably hasn’t completely left my system so I pedal on steadily. My thoughts are as languid as my legs, and the ten minute ride passes peacefully. I pull into my driveway and glance up at the sky, and contemplate for a moment watching the sunrise, but then climb the steps to my room and sleep.

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