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gitmo update

July 11, 2006

“I find it difficult for us to buy in to the notion, ‘let’s just trust the president’s judgment,’ ” Mr. Biden said. “God love him, his judgment has been terrible.”
– from the NYTimes
Haha sorry, just had to start with that ’cause it made me laugh.
Gitmo prisoners might actually be getting some rights! Congress basically threatened the White House, saying that they risked a “long, hot summer” if they tried to keep the tribunal system against Congress’s better judgment. The Pentagon appears to remember that the prisoners are people too, saying they’ll follow the Geneva Conventions, now that the Supreme Court says they have to. The White House is full of it, still saying they’re treating the prisoners humanely (my ass. ‘Humanely’ does not include indefinite imprisonment without charge, driving some to suicide by hunger strike which then is thwarted by force fed until some black out. But I digress.) But overall, Congress appears to be pissed enough at the White House right now to actually stand up on this one. I’m quite psyched.
Article found here.

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