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language log

July 6, 2006

You expect to find political diatribes in certain places online. The editorial section, blogs, political webpages. One place I didn’t see it coming from was the language log, the blog I read ’cause I’m a dork and like linguistics.
And here I thought I didn’t like Bush. The guy makes a good point too.

In other news, I’m inside and shielding my face from the sun. The fishbowl has a weird ceiling. I’m on the NASA website, checking out Internationl Space Station sightings, ’cause last nights was too cool and I wanna see it again. I couldn’t believe how bright Discovery was…yeah neat. The website has got me confused though. But if I’m reading it right then tonight at about ten twenty it’ll fly overhead, docked with Discovery. Find the moon, and up and to the right will be the brightest star in the sky, that’s Jupiter. The ISS will fly by approximetly parallel to the line between the moon and Jupiter, about halfway between them and the horizon. It might be too low to see…dunno. It’ll rise almost dead west, near Leo, and then arc towards the moon and Jupiter, setting below Scorpius. For the directionally challenged, if you’re facing the moon it rises at your right, moves across to the left, and sets kinda in front of you on the left. I’m hoping to have my camera with me while we’re getting ready for PIRATES! Sorry, midnight showing, kinda getting excited…
Man, astronomy applets online are fun. Who wants to buy me a telescope?

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