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two days off

June 25, 2006

Wow so I wasn’t online at all yesterday, and just got online today at like ten. That’s amazing.

I hope none of my friends feel this way. They ought to know better, at least where I’m concerned.
That guy is fricking amazing. AND he’s responsible (at least in part) for the Geico gecko, whom I love. Holy schnikes nearly forty billion to charity…THAT’s what the upper class should look up to.
Yes I know I never report on my life. There isn’t a lot going on. Work is really interesting, though having a dead computer puts a damper on it. I’m exciting to get back into lab and fix some problems and run my program and have GOOD data that might be the last big change we make on the data. Then…more analysis. Which is less exciting, as it involves a lot of reading of articles for no good reason. I did find one that misreported data, though, which amused me. But yes, that’s my life. The highlight was spending the day today slacking off with Katie, reading and talking nearly the entire day. Good times, good times.
One final bit of news. Sailor_Ashley makes me want to move to Marquette. That’s not news. The news is, in reaction to her latest picture post:
Me(10:51:41 PM): why don’t we live there?
Yin(10:52:35 PM): cuz GOd hates your guts
I summarily fought him for that. Oh yes, and one final amusement: in our GRE practice book, on the list of 333 most commonly asked words, “log” appears.

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