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I update a lot

June 20, 2006

“The latest philosophy in the West is to make physics buildings like irregular little mazes with blackboards and couches around every other corner, to encourage encounters and collaboration.”
I don’t know if I should laugh or decide that’s a good idea. It’s an amusing idea. ‘Amusing’ appears to be the word of the day. It was ‘beautiful’ for a couple of days there.
I had other things to say. Damn, where’d they go? The guy across from me is falling asleep, and I think it’s infectious. Then again, it’s cold in here, so that’s helping.
In other news from the NYTimes (the first quote is from there, of course), there’s a parasite that makes rats lose their fear of cats. This amuses me.
I really did have things to say, but they’re gone now, so I shall go also.

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