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genes, gays, x-men, and my feet are on the table

June 15, 2006

Today in the NYTimes was an interesting article:
It’s about how genes seem to affect many aspects of human behavior. Now, I’ve got multiple points here, but my first is this: why are people so surprised? We know that the genome is ginormous, and chemicals are predictable. What did we think all that coded for? Yeah, it takes a lot of work to code the physical aspects of a human, but are people really surprised that some personality traits are predisposed in our genes? I’ve always figured we were born with a certain DNA and that affected a lot of who we are. Why else do we act so much like our parents, despite the best efforts of most teenagers?
Now the other bit. A quote first:
Others fear that when certain behaviors once ascribed to personal choice are seen as genetic, the next step will be not tolerance for difference, but support for intervention. On a “fat-acceptance” e-mail list, several members suggested recent research will lead only to new ways for them to lose weight through genetic alteration, rather than be accepted as they are. And when scientists caused fruit flies to pursue flies of the same sex by altering a gene last year, some gay-rights advocates worried it would lend credence to the notion that homosexuality could be “cured.”

There’s a link to the study if you actually read the article. Now I swear the whole title of this post will fit in, so here’s the next piece. The second x-men movie totally has a coming out plot, and I find the whole parallel amusing. Then in the third movie they found a cure, and suddenly here the NYTimes is telling me there’s talk of a ‘cure’ for queers too. That was just a weird shock.
There’s a paperclip on the roof of the fishbowl. I’m sitting here in a sweatshirt as it’s freezing in here, with my feet up on the table, and glanced up through those glass panels and there’s a paperclip up there. Weird.
In other news, we’re not completely sure if it’s a parody, but on Yin’s lj there’s a link to a debate where a Christian fundie actually tries to refute gravity. It’s an amusing read, but disturbing in that it might actually be serious.
As for news in my life, there isn’t any really. My computer sucks more. Matt’s coming to visit. My pigs are adorable. I have work to do which I keep not doing.

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