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June 2, 2006

Check out one of Adam’s more recent blog entries:
I love Adam’s blog, especially during the summer, as he seems to update more. I love the fact that he doesn’t try to be politically correct, and even goes in the opposite direction. Angry young liberals are fun. I especially love the last two paragraphs of that post. “Who I am is not a phase” – that outta be a bumper sticker.
Enough praise. I’ve found another reason I don’t want to own a car: drivers are bastards. Two incidents today on my bike confirmed this, here in A2 where there actually are bikes. I was on south U at the stop sign right by Ulrich’s, waiting for the car on my right to turn left across my path. I’ve been out of it (see later) all day, so I was being a polite cyclist, rather than what I often do which is take advantage of the fact that bikes are small and skittering through the intersection when it’s not my turn. The car who’s turn it was kept having to wait for pedestrians, who also were in my path. The car behind me didn’t seem to notice this though, pulled up beside me (taking his car into the other lane as I was in the center of my lane), turned to the right IN FRONT OF ME, saying “waiting for something?” Yes, you bastard, waiting for my turn. I flicked him off, and contemplated for an instant following him, but decided I’m feeling to sickly for that.
On my way back, again on south U, I was waiting to turn left on State. Mind you, there was another car behind me turning left, and two turning right, so it’s not like there wasn’t visible traffic in my direction of the stop sign. The car to my left going straight across State went, and then it was my turn, except WHOOPS TWO cars in that direction went. Nice job. Then I nearly got hit as A THIRD car, one that didn’t even stop, went through from that side. HELLO? There were cars at the intersection too, not just a “hard to see” cyclist, though that excuse is convenient for people on cell phones.
*deep breath* Okay sorry, had to get that out. I don’t actually hate all drivers, just those that try to kill me.
In other news, what sort of mild stomach flu affects one’s moods? Over the past three days I’ve been nauseous, excessively tired, and fantastically moody. I don’t understand. It’s the sort of nausea that’s not enough to stop me from doing most things, just enough to keep me wanting to lie down whenever I’m standing or sitting up. Today I just kept going back to bed periodically, figuring that I might as well encourage this thing to run it’s course.

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  1. June 3, 2006 5:57 am

    Some bicyclists are morons, though. I was just coming home on a 45 MPH street that was completely dark and has a sidewalk when I (barely) saw a bicyclist in dark clothing and with NO reflectors on his bike in the street. Now, that’s doing everything wrong and I realize that, but some bikers are morons.

  2. June 3, 2006 6:22 pm

    yeah those people bother me. They’re never wearing helmuts either.

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