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May 30, 2006

A faculty of academics, Mary, that’s the collective noun, although an argument of academics is fun too. Too bad they didn’t have the net back in ’21.
I’m rereading the Mary Russel books at the moment, much as it inhibits my abilities to work regular hours, and what fun it’s been. She brings out such a wonderful feminist in me, and yet makes me feel completly at home in a mind that is, if not exactly like mine, much like I wish mine could be. She’s tall and gangly, boyish, confrontational, intelligent, and even double majoring in chem and theology, for those of you who don’t know her. Very much a kindred spirit.
Had a time machine moment just now. I always use scrap pieces of paper as bookmarks, as I lose them all the time and don’t wish to spend the money on losing real ones, and often I write down interesting quotes on them to be later cataloged in my quote book. While reading this book, a quote struck me, “Thursday morning dawned like an incipiant toothache.” One that I liked, for it’s wonderful metaphor, and one that I thought I had noticed before, but one that I had no memory of being in my quote book. As I paused to get online and google collective nouns, I flipped through the book, and found an old book mark. Lo and behold, oopposite some cryptic letters that appear to be me figureing out a double music-chem major, is that quote.
And here I thought I always lost those bookmarks.

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