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Pig update

May 16, 2006

Took the boys to the vet today. Thought a new pet checkup was a good idea, and they’d been sneezing and had runny noses, which was worrying. Apparently respiratory infections are really bad in guinea pigs, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to get them checked out. The vet agreed and prescribed an antibiotic for them, which tastes so good they were glad to take their medicine – how lucky are they?
But the news is, they have names. I figured I had to make it official by the time I took them to the vet, because I’d need that for the paperwork. So *drum roll* their names are:
Rosin and Zinc
Rosin is the brown one and Zinc is the silver one. I figured the louder one should be Rosin ’cause, well, rosin makes a violin loud. Zinc took some convincing, until I remembered that my favorite h.s. chem experiment was fuzzy zinc, and my research is all about zinc, and basically it’s a cool element.
*laughs* Yes, I’m a dork.
The vet was showing me how to give them the antibiotic and pulled out two syringes (sans needles). She turns to me and says “You know how to read a syringe, right?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I’m a chem major. Hence the name.”

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