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A2 summer

May 4, 2006

Went to Borders today, with the intention of looking at a grad school ranking book, to see which schools I should be considering. Along the way I looked at GRE test books. Ended up purchasing a guinea pig care book (I’m getting some if you haven’t heard!) to calm myself down.
Man, suddenly TLA tests are scary. ACT, SAT II, all that jazz back in h.s., no problem. Had a great time not studying, knowing that I tested better than nearly all of my peers. Thing is, those people that tested as well as me back in h.s. are now my peer group. Suddenly I’m not compeating against everyone, but instead just against that small percentage of college grads who want to go on to grad school. And for the subject test, it’s just against other chem majors! At least this time the premeds won’t be around skewing the average. But yeah, suddenly very frightening to be taking a TLA test. Gonna actually study for this one. Katie and I are supposed to study together, and she says I have to teach her bio (ha!) while I learn chem for the subject test.
But yes, left Borders feeling very much O.O

But oh to be young in Ann Arbor with two weeks off. It’s been sunny and I’m enjoying it, while loading up on the sunscreen. Shopping around, cleaning some, and laying about on the diag. The flowers around campus are beautiful, and I’ve finally remembered to take my camera with me so I can take pics. At some point when I find my camera cable and my net at home starts working, expect photos. Or I’ll realize that I’m not a photographer and I’ll just show you Marcie’s instead.

I’m off home to Adrian either tonight or tomorrow, depending on which pickup time I choose. Back to A2 for Sunday afternoon for a group thing, and to Kzoo some point next week, but spending the rest of the week at home vegging, pigging out on Mom’s food, and being a good daughter. Oh yes, and Kzoo trip TO GET MY PIGS! There’s a couple that I’m looking at, so no guarentees as to which pair, but hold on I’ll get some links.
Brody and Baxter, who are my top choice, but I have to wait and see as there’s another potential adopter (is that a word?).
Aubrey and Pudge are also possibilites, as are a yet-to-be-posted pig at Wheeks&Squeaks named Macy. We’ll see, but by the time I’m back in town I should have some pigs!
You know, I have to say, summer in A2 so far is nice. You can get a seat at the fishbowl, the diag is green and quieter, and oh wait I’m a slacker and not doing anything most of the day. Give me a bit and I’ll be bored of this schedule, but right now I’m off to go enjoy some sun and read a bit.ttfn.

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  1. May 5, 2006 2:05 pm

    Yay for new guineas!!!!!!!!!!! [ha, I made a… something-to-giggle-about!]

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