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May 2, 2006

This is scary.
It starts slow, but it’s a good read, as terrifying as any Stephen King novel. Yin, you wanna newsvine that for me, if it hasn’t been already? Sounds like a good one for debate.
It’s on basically how Bush feels he can ignore any law he finds unconstitutional. In over 750 instances he’s issued a “signing statment” where he says he feels one or more provisions in a bill aren’t constitutional, so he doesn’t have to follow them. Things like whistle-blower protections, torture laws, and deployment of American troops.
There’s also a wonderful paragraph on the seventh page that highlights my issues with the two-party system, for those of you who have a more idealistic take on party politics:
”The president is daring Congress to act against his positions, and they’re not taking action because they don’t want to appear to be too critical of the president, given that their own fortunes are tied to his because they are all Republicans,” said Jack Beermann, a Boston University law professor. ”Oversight gets much reduced in a situation where the president and Congress are controlled by the same party.”
Thanks to Julie for passing that one on for me.
In other news, yet another study has found that young American’s don’t know geography. This time the target was Iraq. Great quote: “I’m not sure how important it is that young adults can find Afghanistan on a map. But … that is symptomatic of the bigger issue, and that’s (U.S. young adults) not having a sense that things around the world really matter that much,” said John Fahey, president of the National Geographic Society.
Here’s the link

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