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April 22, 2006

Recently I had a blast from the past: a friend from first year IMed me, first time we’d talked in over a year. Since then we’ve hung out quite a bit, and it’s been really nice. In the midst of thoughts of “I don’t even know him anymore!” I find myself slipping back into a lot of what our friendship used to be. It’s such a different thing, and yet there’s a really similar feeling about it. I’m glad that he’s back in my life.

I’m itching again, for new spaces. At the end of senior year of h.s. I got a really strong urge to be in a new place, where I could give a totally new impression of myself to everyone I met. That itch for adventure is starting again. I think by this time next year I’ll be ready enough to be in a new place that it’ll overcome my wish for this place and time to be static.

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