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April 10, 2006

Dang. So research meeting again this morning, and again I’m totally in awe of grad school. Second year you have to present on your proposed research topic for your PhD candidacy…to a panal of people who basically want to screw you up. Jesse is prepping for his right now, and today was his second practice. (Didn’t make the first, as that was involved in the meeting I stupidly slept through on Friday…) My prof puts on his evil hat and asks every question he can think of, with random things getting shot in from some of grad students. He got grilled on everything from total internal reflection to the structure of EDTA to equilibrium constants to the exact details of every experiment he’s basing his research on. AHHHHHHHH! So yes, when it’s my turn, I’m either A) going to crawl under a rock and die, or B) pay someone (I’m thinking Yin ’cause he’s totally able to put on an evil hat and ask every question he can think of) who doesn’t know chem to spend a day with me learning every detail of everything related to my research, so that I know alllllll the answers that we can think of.
Speaking of Yin, remind me again that lack of imagination is not evidence for a higher power. Jesse wants to research nuron response in relation to zinc, and besides the irony of thinking about we think, that stuff is fantastically complex. The way these things all come together so that we’re smart enough to be able to ask these questions is fricking amazing.
At least, when I go to meetings and feel totally outdone by how much I don’t know, I tend to end up motivated to learn everything I don’t know. Too bad I have to go to musicology now.

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