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March 31, 2006

Research meeting was interesting this morning. As I was leaving my professor said something about how the only problem was that he had planned on learning Perl along with me, and that hadn’t happened because I’d figured it all out on my own. This is a good thing, right? *laughs* I feel like I did something wrong, now, being so stubborn about solving problems on my own. Of course, he also said today that he can’t wait to see the final text of my program and see how it runs. Yin, wanna check through it for me and make sure I’m not being absolutely stupid in my programming?
I just sent the longest email ever to my parents. Then again, I hadn’t emailed them in weeks, so I guess it makes sense. Turns out Mom was on the net at the same time, because I’ve got an unrelated email from her that arrived while I was typing. Oh THAT’s what I forgot to tell her – the pants she bought me when she came up to visit a couple weeks ago are growing. I swear they get bigger every time I wear them. Next time I wash them I’m doing it with the intent to shrink. What heat setting shrinks clothes?
Anyay class, so I’ll shutup now.
p.s. since when could I put in my location? That’s fun stuff, though basically I’m always in the SLC when I update, or at home not doing homework. Still, fun stuff.

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