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while papering

March 28, 2006

From Evelyn (HI EVELYN!!!)
1. What’s my mood like right now?
“That Old Black Magic” – Frank Sinatra

2. How’s tomorrow going to be for me?
“Take Me Away” – Hatchling

3. What kind of person am I?
“The Best of What’s Around” – Dave Matthews Band

4. Am I loved?
“Snowman” – Barenaked Ladies

5. How can I achieve my highest potential?
“Forvgiven” – Alanis Morissette

6. What should I do with my life?
“Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton

7. What is my theme song?
“Why Georgia” – John Mayer

8. What is my best quality?
“Silent Night (Gruber)” – Andrea Bocelli

9. What does my sex life look like?
“The Black Gate Opens” – LOTR Soundtrack

10. What’s the meaning of life?
“Every Morning” – Sugar Ray

11. How do people see me?
“Somewhere They Can’t Find Me” – Simon and Garfunkel

12. Would I make a good catch?
“Essential Mix: Millenium Eve” – Paul Oakenfold

13. How crazy am I?
“Hoops, I Did It Again” – Reliant K

14. Will I have a good life in general?
“Burn the Remberance” – Katatonia

16. Can Natalie Portman and I ever be more than friends?
“Hakuna Matata (Francais)” – Lion King Soundtrack

17. What’s going to happen to me this week?
“Still They Ride” – Journey

18. Where will I be in a year?
“Ce Reve Blue (A Whole New World)” – Aladdin

19. What is my biggest wish?
“Caught Up” – Usher

20. What is the love of my life doing at this very moment?
“The Climb” – No Doubt

21. How will I die?
“Beautiful” – Marcella Woods

22. What will happen after I die?
“Blues Run The Game” – Simon and Garfunkel

23. How do my friends feel about me?
“I’m Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band” – Moody Blues

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