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um what?

March 25, 2006

NYTimes: Schools cut back subjects to push reading and math.
Yeah. Great idea. Lets make the benchmarks so impersonal and narrow that some kids take ONLY math, reading, and gym. Sounds great!
AHHHHHHHHHH. And Bush wants to be the education president? Hello? Kids need more than two subjects. Science is kinda helpful, seeing as how the booming jobs today are in tech fields. History is good, with that whole “doomed to repeat” thing that is, actually, true. As well as some sort of creative expression, because there are two halves to our brains. But that’s just me, someone who has lived through the public school system recently and seen what was helpful to get me into a prestigious institution going into a great career. I suppose I don’t know much about education.
My word. What are those kids gonna do about science? If you don’t give them other subjects in middle school, you’re basically barring them from college. Can’t get in if you havn’t taken a broad enough curriculum, and if you miss science in middle school you’ll never catch up enough in h.s..
Okay I’ll stop ranting. I really do need to study. But some people really really suck at education. Muchly.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    March 26, 2006 5:43 am

    what exactly is your solution? honestly, if the kids can’t read they aren’t going to end up in college anyway.
    All schools aren’t banning science, its just the low performers. This is likely happening in areas where very few people end up going to college anyway.
    We need to at least teach these kids to read. . . to not do so is just stupid.

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