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I guess this counts as veg time?

March 24, 2006

It certianly isn’t work.

[A is for age:] 20

[B is for booze of choice:] Vodka!!! (this question is actually the reason I’m bothering to do this)

[C is for career:] Don’t laugh. Professor is the current front runner. And clown college.

[D is for your dog’s name:] AWWWW I want a pet!

[E is for essential item you use everyday:] My drugs! *laughs* uhhh…clothing? The rest gets forgotten occasionally, esp. those mornings when coffee is the only reason I make it to class.

[F is for favorite song at the moment:] “Somewhere In Between” – Lifehouse

[G is for favorite games:] Taboo

[H is for Home town]: Adrian, MI

[I is for instruments you play:] Violin and bits of piano and other instruments

[J is for favorite juice?:] Orange

[K is for kids?:] Wanna adopt like fifty.

[L is for last hug?:] I’m sure it was Yin. Don’t remember, but it’s always Yin.

[M is for marriage:] Planning on it.

[N is for name of your crush:] Hehe not telling.

[O is for overnight hospital stays:] When they stole my appendix!

[P is for phobias:] claustrophobia, Arachniphobia

[Q is for quote:]
“We are the people we hate.” – Mike
“Everyday should be a good day to die.”
Hrm something happy.
“Remember, days are numbers.” – Alan Parson Project

[R is for biggest regret:] I guess it’s the people I havn’t told how much I care for them.

[S is for status:] Looking

[T is for time you wake up:] M 7.20 T ~10 W 9.20 Th 8.20 F 8.20 Sa/Su >12

[U is for underwear:] Navy

[V is for vegetable you love:] Corn

[W is for worst habit:] Convincing myself to do something. Or not do something. Either way I lose a lot when I talk myself into something.

[X is for x-rays you’ve had:] Foot when Grandma ran me over, teeth.

[Y is for yummy food you make:] I hear my meatloaf is yummy.

[Z is for zodiac sign:]Virgo

1) smoked
2) consumed alcohol
3) slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
4) slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
5) made out with someone of the opposite sex
6) made out with someone of the same sex
7) had someone in your room of the opposite sex
8) watched porn
9) bought porn
10) done drugs
11) taken pain killers
12) taken someone elses prescription medicine
13) lied to your parents
14) lied to a friend
15) snuck out of the house
16) done something illegal
17) cut yourself
18) hurt someone
19) wished someone to die
20) seen someone die
21) missed curfew
22) stayed out all night
23) eaten a carton of icecream by yourself
24) been to a therapist
25) been to rehab
26) dyed your hair
27) recieved a ticket
28) been in a wreck
29) been to a club
30) been to a bar
31) been to a wild party
32) seen the Mardi Gras
34) had a spring break in Florida
35) sniffed anything
36) wore black nail polish
37) wore arm bands
38) wore t-shirts with band names
39) listened to rap
40) own a 50 cent cd
41) dressed gothic
42) dressed prep
43) dressed punk
44) dressed grunge
45) stole something
46) been to drunk to remember anything
47) blacked out
48) fainted
49) had a crush on your neighbor
50) had someone sneak into your room
51) snuck into some else’s room
52) had a crush on someone of the same sex
53) been to a show
54) dry humped someone
55) been called a slut
56) called someone a slut
57) installed speakers in your car
58) broke a mirror
59) showered at someone of the opposites sex’s house
60) brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush
61) consider ludacris your favorite rapper
62) seen an R rated movie in theaters
63) cruised the mall
64) skipped school
65) had an eating disorder
66) had an injury
67) gone to court
68) walked out of a resteraunt without paying
69) caught something on fire
70) lied about your age
71) owned an apartment
72) cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend
73) cheated with someone
74) got in trouble with the police
75) talked to a stranger
76) hugged a stranger
77) kissed a stranger
78) rode in the car with a stranger
79) been sexually harrassed
80) been verbally harrassed
81) met face to face with someone you met online
82) stayed online for 12 hours straight
83) talked on the phone for more than 6 hours straight
84) watched tv for 12 hours straight
85) been to a fair
86) been called a bad influence
87) cursed
88) prank called someone
89) laid in the bed with someone of the opposite sex
90) cheated on a test
91) cheated on homework
92) held hands with someone of the opposite sex
93) been pushed into a pool
94) played pool
95) watched 5 hours of mtv straight
96) had a crush on someone 10 years older than you
97) had a crush on someone younger than you
98) wear eyeliner
99) skinny dipped
100) laughed at someone who was seriously hurt

final total: 48. Court, you’re sighing about being a good person? Jeeze I feel like a goody goody.

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