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i don’t understand

March 7, 2006

What was it that Yin said the other day about how long it takes Hitler to come into most controversies? Didn’t take two pages of a NY times editorial to get the sentence “And when students become snitches, we are heading toward dictatorship by Mao’s Red Guards or Hitler Youth.”
Link here
My big question, though, is why is the author so purposfully inflammatory? Does it really sell that many newspapers? He manages to rather thouroughly (sp?) insult feminists, basically every group involved in the Harvard presidency fuss, students their parents and college admins, academics, and some other groups as well, I believe. I spent half the article indignantly reacting to perceived insults. Now I know this article is not unique in its style, but I’d like a coherant explanation as to why they get written like this. I don’t trust this author to report any facts remotly unbiasedly, and would love to not have to read any more trash by her, but does it really sell to most people? Is it just the growing sensationalism in American news? Or am I just naive in wanting my news stories to be relevant, not inflammatory.
Ugh and usually I love opnion pieces. But then, I’d say a majority of the time they don’t seem like their point is to insult.

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