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March 6, 2006

Hello all from the SLC in the wee hours of Monday morning. Yes, I know, it’s after nine. But it’s the Monday after spring break – this counts as “wee hours”.
On the walk to class today a campus day dad, in his eagerness to get his child to the Union on time, asked me directions to the parking structure in the middle of State St. As I attempted to stop us from being run down, I seem to have appeared rude, as I kept walking across the street before giving the man answers.
This just in: complete sentences help. I’m in the middle of a stupdily frustratiing IM convo where the person on the other end feels like one word answers are a good way to talk. Wonderfully confusing. I’m just kinda giving up and going with it, but seriously, if you want me to talk, give me more to go on.
My feet are protesting their current coverings. On the walk to class this morning both of my boots came untied, and I figure it’s my feet’s way of telling me they want sandals back.
In other news this morning, there were no doughnuts to be had. I forgot that my research prof wouldn’t be a the group meeting this morning, and he brings the goodies, so I’m breakfastless. There’s always coffee, though, so it’s all good.
As for real news, there was an armed robbery like a block from Yin’s apartment. The real point for me though, is why DPS crime notices don’t go out to everyone. This is the latest in a string of similar crimes, and as far as I know most students don’t get emails about them. The chem dept has begun emailing them to all majors, so I’ve kept up with what’s going on. Not everyone reads the Daily, though, and not everyone is cool enough to be a chem major, so why wouldn’t things like a string of armed robberies get better circulation? Or is it being more widely circulated than I know?
In the world of song lyrics, here’s a fun song beginning:
Well, I’m running down the road
tryin’ to loosen my load
I’ve got seven women on
my mind,
Four that wanna own me,
Two that wanna stone me,
One says she’s a friend of mine
Take it easy, take it easy

I think I need to download this song.
Il neige! THIS is what we’ve got that pure white beaches and warm gulf breezes don’t: snow! Don’t care if the sand down there looks like snow, it’s not, and not a perfect replacement – you can’t make snowmen!
Well that’s it for the Monday morning news. Up next for me is yet more journal article reading, followed by trying to stay awake in musicology. Oh and putting on my sweatshirt as it’s getting chilly in here…

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  1. March 6, 2006 9:13 am

    I bought flip-flops the other way, and it felt oh-so-good.
    Do you have a white lab coat? I’m thinking about making myself one. Sounds like fun. Some of the guys in one of my labs have “master alchemist” and “apprentice alchemist” ones.

  2. March 6, 2006 9:26 am

    nah I don’t have a lab coat…yet. Never really wanted to wear one in lab, though if I could get one that said “apprentice alchemist” then I just might have to get it. Keep me updated on how making one works out – I may have to steal the pattern.

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