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long time no see

February 19, 2006

It feels like it’s been a while since I posted a random update. Okay perhaps last Monday…but still.
So I gave blood Friday night. Felt fine then. Saturday though…got progressively more exhausted as the day went on, but found that I couldn’t sleep, which was sad. I was reduced to laying about the house, occasionally managing to move to grab some food or use the rest room, but without sleep. Then ended up gossiping with Katie for like an hour and a half and was finally able to sleep at like three am. We figured out what kind of bird her viola teacher had. It was so weird, though, how tired I was. Like, making my bed literally exhausted me. I had to sit down and take a break. I’m not whining – just amazed.
So today you’d think I’d take it easy, right? Hah. Slept late, which was nice, but then I cleaned the bathrooms. I’m not as tired as I was yesterday, but I’ve definitely worked off any reserves I built up from sleeping enough. So back to laying about the house, I think, until the show tonight. Seeing Vagina Monologues, which will be nifty.
Man, I can’t wait ’til spring break. I also can’t wait for it to sink in. We’re going to Flordia. I’m actually spending a warm spring break, and still haven’t found exclaimation points about it yet…working on that.
Anyay I should work, or rather, trim my fingernails, so I’ll stop rambling now.

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