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a thought on politics

February 2, 2006

Michigan’s economy sucks and is just going to get suckier
Federal funding for techie stuff has been disappearing recently, but Bush just announced he wants to change that
The US isn’t happy paying craploads for foreign oil
Higher education is becoming prohibitively expensive
Now this is just a random though. I’m probably oversimplifying. But couldn’t Michigan use all the above points to it’s advantage? We’re already the car capitol of the world, but we can’t keep depending on UAW jobs to keep the economy going. So lets shift focus from the nonskilled car capitol to the skilled one. Lets be the place where the nations leading researchers are going to fix this oil problem. Putting an emphasis on an educated workforce will bring businesses into the state and give more jobs to residents. There’s government funding now earmarked for more research in this area, and hey, we’ve got enough corn fields for the ethanol plants when they get built. If we put state funding into higer ed and make it an objective to be the ones to solve the oil problem, that’d bring educated people here, and keep educated people here.
The only way I see to restart Michigan’s economy is a push for a more educated workforce, and it seems to me that oil would be a good way to focus and justify this change. Alternative energy isn’t going to be easy, but dangit, this is U of M. We think we’re good enough to be Ivy League, so lets prove it.
Yeah that’s about exhausted my higher thought processes for the day, so I’d better stop now.

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  1. February 2, 2006 11:32 am


  2. February 2, 2006 12:16 pm

    I was blown away until he said the word “COAL”.
    Now i’m convinced that we are SCREWED.
    Such an interesting and great time we live in. I wouldn’t want to live in any other. I love energy systems. If I wasn’t going to be opening my own buisness or being a winemaker or being a teacher…..i’d be in energy systems. But…in a good way. Not in the bad way i’m in now. Hydrogen vs. oil.
    OH well….
    t minus 4 days and 20 hours ish.

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