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poetically yours

January 27, 2006

At my most beautiful.

At my most beautiful I stand alone. There, I smile back in the mirror, dark hair, red lips too bright for pale skin. It’s dark outside, and the wind is cold. In my room, music floats on the warmth across the light and into my head. I stand alone and look at my reflection, and look for peace. The girl in the mirror is simple, color coordinated, calm. I breathe deeply and focus on her, her slim hands, her bare shoulders. She looks back and smiles, and knows that I am going to be alright.

(okay so it’s overdone. I liked the first line, and lack the energy right now to make the rest of it good. ‘sides, I don’t do introspective very well – it always feels so self-centered)

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  1. January 27, 2006 11:22 am

    .. pretty ..
    I’m always struck by your hands, especially when you play.

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