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evolution and working out

January 16, 2006

Workout tonight: benched 15lbs, weighed 142lbs.

Dude so today Katie took us to the Natural History Museum and we got the full tour and :-D. We spent hours there running around, and still didn’t really see it all. THEY HAVE A LOT OF BIRDS AND I HAVE TO TAKE MY MOM! And dinosaur skeletons, and an evolution exibit, and rocks, and yeah neatness. We got to run about like dinosaurs too, though only three of us were enough little kid like to actually do it. Katie showed us all the neat things in the drawers, and pointed out everything that’s wrong, and other neat stuff as well. Basically, fun times.

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  1. January 16, 2006 10:09 pm

    Hey, at least I’m little kid enough to enjoy watching the rest of you running around like dinosaurs. I just don’t have the self-confidence.
    In other news, today was fun…and I managed to finish all my necessary homework. What the hell am I still doing up? I should be in bed; I have class at 8:30…
    (I thought the Tree of Life user icon would be appropriate to the entry…what do you think?)

  2. January 17, 2006 8:05 am

    hehe yeah the tree of life is fun. And yay for finishing homework. We’ll work on your little kid instincts…

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