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I am thankful

November 24, 2005

You may have guessed that I did indeed get picked up last night shortly after posting. I was bored enough to go downstairs and clean when Dad called. As I walked out the door I turned off the light on a cold and dark house. FYI, Sonya, I turned the thermostat down to 60 degrees to save gas. I was the last one out the door. I wonder if I’ll be the last one back.
I’m thankful, though. Thankful that I’m here. Here in a broad sense.
I’m thankful that there is a computer and an internet connection here at home, no matter the problems with them.
I’m thankful to be home, where everyone loves me, even if they don’t understand me.
I’m thankful for the copious amounts of food I consumed today and will consume tomorrow.
I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed with more than I’ll ever deserve. A warm bed, more food than I need, loving people in my life, a great education, my health. I have more now than I’ll ever need.
I’m thankful, this year, mostly for the friends that have gotten me through the last month. I would have long since gone crazy in a very real way if you hadn’t been there to hold me and talk with me. Life got way too damn big for me, but it’s not too big for us. I wish I could admit, somehow, what you’ve done for me, how out of control I’ve been, but I certainly won’t be able to write it here. Just know that, well, thank you. Someday I’ll figure out how to repay you.
I’m thankful for good books and card games.
I’m thankful for music.
I’m thankful that I can go to sleep in a few minutes.
I’m thankful for the responsibilites that consistantly force me to continue functioning, even when I want so much to stop.
I’m thankful for the air in my lungs right now.

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