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omw wasting a lot of time today

November 9, 2005

01* First grade teacher’s name: Mrs. Rodriguez

002* Last words you said: uhhh,,, “hey Melinda”???

003* Last song you sang: “Brick” Ben Folds

004* Last person you hugged: Yin

005* Last thing you laughed at: I actually don’t remember…I know I laughed at

Yin and Marcie and the camera last night. Don’t remember if there’s been funny

things yet today. It IS still AM…I don’t have to laugh in the am after


006* Last time you said, “I don’t remember.”: *laughs* I don’t remember.

007* Last time you cried: Last night, at the end of “Finding Neverland” :-D

009* What color socks are you wearing: socks? hah! You don’t know me that well.

010* What’s under your bed: two instruments and much music. And lost things.

011* What time did you wake up today: 8.20, 8.30, 10.02 (end of chem lecture)

012* Current taste: thinking of the pie downstairs, picking corn chex out of my


013* Current hair: wet (just showered)

014* Current love: what else? Friends. Always and forever my friends.

015* Current annoyance: “Loose lips sink ships”

016* Current longing: To be better.

017* Current desktop background: my handmade bckgrd, with lotsa pics and things.

018* Current worry: That things will prove too big, and as a result I’ll end up

doing things like retaking chem 302…

019* Current hate: yeah, Cameron’s right. drama.

020* Current favorite article of clothing: Cameron’s huge green pullover

021* Favorite physical feature of the other sex: Hands, yum.

022* Last CD that you listened to: CD? “8/30/04”, an energetic mixed CD. But on

my computer right now is Aerosmith.

023* Favorite place to be: With those most important to me.

024* Least favorite place: Alone. Or those awful freeway interchanges around big

cities where all I can see is concrete. That scares me like you wouldn’t


025* Time you wake up: MWF 8.20, TTh 9.20, SSu ??pm

026* If you could play an instrument: I do play violin. I’d like to learn flute.

027* Favorite color: Purple

028* Do you believe in an afterlife: I want to

029* How tall are you: Six foot baby!

030* Current favorite quote: “It’s tough, but that’s life, and I am pedalling

still.” – Eugene Christoph

031* Favorite book: Something Anne McCaffrey, ’cause I’m a geek at heart.

032* Favorite season: Fall!

033* Person from your past you’d like to talk to: Jessica. In person. For about

eight hours, or until we’ve actually managed to catch up.

034* Person from your past that you don’t want to see again: Sobota? uhhh, mean


035* Do you go to college or university: U of M!

036* What is your career going to be: Chem something research industry grad

school student for life…let’s just say “chemist”

037* How many kids do you want: 1 or 2 of my own, but I’d like to adopt bunches.


038* had a pet that you killed: !!! NO!

039* Said “I love you” and meant it: Yes.

040* Gotten in a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish, etc: how can someone fight

with a fish? No, I haven’t fought with a pet before.

041* Been to New York: Nope

042* Been to Florida: Yay high-jumping waves! (yes)

043* Been to California: nope

043* Been to Hawaii: nope

045* Been to Mexico: nuh uh

046* Been to China: nada

047* Have you ever met any one off the net?: :-D Yes, yay for Cameron!

048* Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day?: No, my

dreams just seem real but aren’t.

049* Had sex with a friend?: Now THAT would be complicated…no

050* Had sex with an ex’s friend: Goodness gracious no

051* Went out with someone and regretted it: Well…when I got tricked into that

double date with Jeff Coulter…but that doesn’t really count. So no


052* Do you have a crush on someone: Suddenly such a complicated question. With

the way I’m chosing to define things, I’ll say no.

053* What book are you reading now?: “The Fiery Cross” Diana Gabaldon, aka my

Scottish sex novel

054* Worst feeling in the world: being alone

055* What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: do I have


056* How many rings before you answer: Many, now that the phone is downstairs.

057* Future daughter’s name: Erin.

058* Future son’s name: *laughs* Michael… I wish. Shawn. Eric.

059* What do you sleep with?: Rebeccah! (my teddy bear)

060* Favorite TV show: Will & Grace

061* Wish were here with you: PHILIPO!

062* Tattoos: Nope

063* Piercings: wow, 15 years now my ears have been pierced


064* Do you do drugs: Alcohol, caffeine, ibprofen, tri-sprintec…so no.

065* Do you drink: O:-) I’m a good girl, right? No? Well fine, but it’s all

Bush’s fault.

066* What toothpaste do you use: I don’t remember

067* What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do u use?: Suave

068* What are you most scared of: Being alone. (this seems to be a theme)

069* What clothes do you sleep in: pj pants, t-shirt in winter. pj shorts,

sports bra in summer.

070* Who is the last person that called you: Callie

071* Where do you want to get married: A bit Catholic church. Which may prove a

problem, considering my religious affiliations…gonna have to work on that.

072* If you could change anything about yourself what would that be: no comment.

073* What do you really hate: What do you call the opposite of pluralism? That.

074* Been In Love: Not in that romantic lovey dovey sort of way. But in the “I

love my family ’cause they’re great” and the “I love my friends forever and

always’ sorts of ways.

075* Are you timely or always late: depends what for.

076* Do you have a job: best job ever: teaching the equivalent of HChem labs to a

bunch of college kids. Oh yeah.

077* Do you like being around people: depends on who it is.

078* Best feeling in the world: Knowing that I’m important to the people who

matter to me.

079* Do you have any stuffed animals: Rebeccah!

080* Are you a health freak: *laughs* okay right now I’m TRYING to gain weight by

eating all sorts of garbage…but I am a runner, so I spose yea kinda.

081* Do you have a “Type” of person you always go after?: uh…kinda…but it’s


082* Do you want someone you don’t have?: Working on that one. Actually, no.

Don’t want. Even if I could have, I’d say no.

083* Are you lonely right now: At the moment not very much, which is nice.

084* Ever afraid you’ll never get married: Randomly, but basically I don’t think

about it much.

085* Do you want to get married: Yes

086* Do you want kids?: Bunches and bunches.


087* Cried: Yes.

088* Bought Something: Ugh junk food, pop.

089* Gotten Sick: Trying to dodge all the sickness around me.

090* Sang: WHO DOESN’T?

091* Said I Love You: Hrm. Don’t think so actually. Haven’t been on the phone

with Sara or my parents…oh yeah, gotta call Sara.

092* Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them: Not really no.

093* Met Someone: Nope

094* Moved On: nope.

095* Talked To Someone: Okay talked or Talked. I’ve talked to bunches of people

in the last two days. The list is too long to put here. I’ve Talked

to…well…kinda Katie and Cameron and Yin and maybe others…but nothing really


096* Had A Serious Talk: Didn’t I just cover this?

097* Missed Someone: *sigh* yes.

098* Hugged Someone: :-) Yes

099* Yelled at Someone: Nope

100* Dreamed About Someone You Can’t Be With: Well seeing as how Sara’s an hour

away, thinking of talking with her tends to lead to this one.

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  1. November 9, 2005 5:08 pm

    Hehe, you’ll have to come over and watch Finding Neverland sometime…we’re really sorry about that.

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