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My Little Brother

October 29, 2005

Matt rocks. Like you wouldn’t believe. Seriously.
I thought I’d be disappointed if he didn’t make states. I was so excited at this idea that I thought I’d come back really bummed and spend the day moaping around the house. Turns out…no. See, Matt ran his ass off today. He ran third on the team, for goodness sake, and check out this data on times. Two weeks ago he ran at Blissfield, universally accepted as a ‘fast’ course, with the quotes being the implication that it’s a short course, and ran 18.34. Last weekend at our home course, one of the toughest around, he ran 18.54. With the course difficulties taken into account, those times are really about equal, somewhere closer to like 18.47 I’d say. Today he ran at New Boston. (BTW, if you haven’t been following, today was regionals, the one chance to qualify for states, and the last meet for non-state-qualifiers) This course is a good solid course, easy to run well on, but not necessarily famed for being fast. He ran 18.20!!! I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of him. *beams* :-D He did it, what all good seniors do. He found the next gear, the next level in his running, the one that no one seems to find before their last race. It’s really an amazing feeling. I’m not kidding when I say I don’t remember pain from my last race. It was surreal how I felt that day. I felt like I could have run ten miles at that pace, not just three point one. If you get into the right mindset, your last race is the most amazing feeling in the world. You realize how much it all means to you, and how hard it is to leave, and you take out that emotion by running so damn fast you can’t have any regrets. That’s what Matt did today.
So yeah, he didn’t make states. Mikial fell, putting him twenty places back from where he could have ran, and Eric had a bad day and could have run faster, so the team scored a lot poorer than they hoped. Finished 6th of 12, when only top three make states. Even Jake had a disappointing run, finishing 16 when top 15 automatically qualify, so only Steve goes again this year. Thing is, none of that matters to me. Matt ran so well, it’s not important that he didn’t get one more race. States would have been the cherry on top. Today’s race was the whipped cream, which we all know is the best part anyway.

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