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October 11, 2005

Hey okay I’ve had a chance to do a bit of research about this now…Here’s an article on proposed federal cuts to financial aid:
I have no idea what the chances of it passing are…I just know that it passing would be bad. Really bad. Gotta figure out how to help my little brother pay for school sorta bad… ’cause yeah I figure one year at that extra price I can handle…but Matt’s got four coming up.
If you want to call your representative about it, call
It should ask for your zip code and it’ll connect you to your Representative…or more probably their voice mail…I haven’t called yet…gonna do that though.
If you don’t feel like calling, there is a petition from USSA (United States Student Association) located here:
Or just check out USSA online and they’ve got info.
Like I said, no idea of the chances of this passing, I just know that it’s among the crappiest ideas I’ve heard from the government since Bush took office…which is saying something. Basically it equates to you losing classmates, ’cause there’s sure to be kids who can’t swing the extra money and have to go home.
But yes, if you’re a U of M student, there were pirates on the diag today, opposing the “Raid on Financial Aid”, and it was pretty sweet.

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