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September 20, 2005

sooooo where to begin?
Got ambushed by Ed today. You remember the guy who does the fun random orgo demonstrations? Yeah him.
So officially GSIs are supposed to call him whenever the run out of something in lab. In practice, I’ve been told to check with the nearby labs and get what I need from there. Went to do that today, got to the doorway of the lab and BAM! There’s Ed. Growling at me for not calling him. Ugh. I feel bad ’cause I kinda sicced him on the student that needed the compound and ran away, but I did take most of the growling. But yeah. Ugh. Then about twenty minutes later the GSI I WAS going to borrow stuff came in and got stuff from me, with Ed no where to be found. Ugh. I have the worst luck.
Basically, though, lab went well. My students don’t seem to hate me, and I know what I’m doing for the most part. I have a few things that just aren’t making sense, but mostly I know what’s going on and feel pretty confident. Yayness.
Oh yeah! Last night! I get a prize! I talked for FOURTY MINUTES in FRENCH! I was so nervous, and yeah…it’s hard to make friends in your second language. I think I did alright though. The guy I talked to for most of it didn’t seem much more confident than I, and we had a good time talking about music and classes in halting, poorly accented French.
Then…there was much pirating. Which…I don’t have the energy right now to write on. Check Katie or Yin or Cameron’s ljs…one of them is sure to post about it. But yeah, much funness. I’m just Peter, the monkey. :-D
oh yeah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, even though you won’t read this…yeah.

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