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September 18, 2005

Est-ce que vous savez le numero d’heures que j’ai dors heir soir?? 14! J’ai decide dormir sans une alarm, mais je n’ai pas pense que je dormais pour 14 heures! Il etait tres bon, pourtant, parce que je suis malade, et j’etais fatigue. Maintenant, je ne suis pas fatigue, mais je dois faire mes devoirs, donc c’est un chose bon.
(Summary: I slept 14 hours last night – WTF?)
So anyway, on to a language I actually speak. We watched “Finding Neverland” tonight, and I was again awed. I want to have a tea party with Nemo and Rebekah in celebration of the wonders of Neverland. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you do. I have a copy now, so feel free to borrow mine. Actually, just ask me when I’m free and I’ll watch it with you.
Random song lyric of the night:
So hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when she feels
She needs a hand to hold
Someone who’ll never let her go again
And hold him closer when he tries
To hold the tears back from his eyes
Don’t say goodbye
It’s so weird. It’s the middle of the night and I’m alone, yet because of the first two subjects of this entry I’m awake and happy. This is a good thing. Wow… check that last sentence…def. a result of the hour of French homework I just did (if I was thinking totally in English I’d’ve phrased that differently)…but anyway I’ve more of that to do, so I need to slip back into that language and out of lj. Much yayness tonight, and happy thoughts your ways for similar things in your life.

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