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and so it starts

September 6, 2005

I’m in the strangest mood right now…I dunno. Trying to figure out what changed and what should change back. But anyway.

Class started today! BUUUTTTT before class I had a meeting with Prof. Kerner, ABOUT A JOB! I am hired as a USI FOR CHEM 125!!1 :-D OF course, I haven’t turned in a shred of paperwork about it, but I’m on the schedule. OH I have to go check wolverineaccess, see if I’ve got my class list yet…dang, don’t have access yet. The chem secretary has to put me in the system for that to happen…but yeah I’m so psyched about this job!
AFTER that I went to French, which was scary…’cause it’s a hard class for me. I did good though. I was being Miss Social today so I talked with the girls on either side of me. Both were freshmen, which was good and bad, but it was nice. Then class actually started and we stopped speaking English. Our prof looks really cool though. She’s nice, speaks understandably, and I don’t feel intimidated by here. I was so outgoing that I was the first person to volunteer in class! HOPEFULLY I can keep up that kind of mindset. One more semester, and I really wanna do well. I’ve been getting better, so I really wanna end with a bang and do well this semester.
Then there was run really quick to Prof Kerner’s office to get the room number for the GSI staff meeting. Sat through part of that, which was a reassuring thing to hear, ’cause it doesn’t look like I’m horrendiously unpreparid for this job…and then had to run.
Creative writing. Yayness. The teacher seems really nice, and the class is quite funny. It’ll be a good time. Plus, the prof thinks it’s a lot of reading…but it’s nonthing at all compared to gtbooks.
Lets see after that…run to Excel and Doller Bill to get coursepacks…man textbooks are going to be cheap this semester. Lunch. Homeworkishthings. Lost my driver’s license. Found my drivers license. Yummy dinner from Sonya. Phone things. Here.
Basically I miss Sara.

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